Thursday, November 3, 2011

Excited about soccer!

What could be better than early morning cartoons followed by soccer games on a Saturday?!  That's right,  I think we can agree that packing up the car with an anxious child to go to their soccer game is a wonderful feeling.  The past few Saturdays have been the start to our league for the U6, U7 & U8 and up levels and the games are going great.  The excitement of playing soccer, impressing family or friends, and being a part of a team is priceless! 

Coach Eric Bramoff told us the other day that his son "sleeps in his gear" the night before coming to Lil' Kickers.  His son always leaves practice or the game learning something new. This past Tuesday after class his son told us how Coach Russell Schultz taught the Micro 6/7 class how to use the terms "Up, Drop & Square".  Not only was passing enforced, but most importantly 'teamwork'.   Both Coach Eric and Russell work with the Micro classes and league games.  Soon to join them will be Coach Pat Connors, West Hill JV Boys Coach.

The L.K.S.L encourages sportsmanship and team work, all while experiencing the wonderful game of soccer. Our league does not officially keep score which keeps the atmosphere fun, yet semi-competitive.  

We have an Open Enrollment policy so register your child today!
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