Friday, August 30, 2013

Best Buzz Award!

Lil' Kickers has been nationally recognized by parents and as one of the top U.S. Kid’s Activity Provider. With this 2013 Best Buzz Award, we thank all Lil' Kicker Coaches and Coordinators for their hard work, efforts, dedication, and passion! Cheers!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Skills Institute

 Skills Institute!

USSF & US Youth Soccer Aligned Approach to Development
Located exclusively at the Sport Center 481

Coach to Player ratio= 8:1 

  • Tactical-create space to receive the ball and keep possession
  • Technical - Improve individual and collective basic soccer techniques
  • Physical - Develop speed, coordination and balance with and without the ball
  • Psychosocial - Interact positively and feel confident within the group
Skills Institute is a developmental soccer program for boys and girls ages 5-8 years. With a 8:1 player to coach ratio, players will receive plenty of one on one attention as they explore their potential in the target areas of soccer. Classes will be offered in groups by age and skill level (Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3). Throughout each 3-month session players will be evaluated, experience chalk talks, video analysis, and the occasional homework assignment to practice at home. Players will walk away more confident, equipped for their next right step, and ready for life’s challenges on and off the field. Skills Institute has a foundational approach to training the youth of today in a fun, safe, environment that meets kids at their entry point and develops them for the next level.

Level 1
Focus is on basic fundamentals of player development:  dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping and how to use them effectively in a game
Level 2
Focus is on continual development of individual technique, field awareness and speed and agility.  Will take players through a challenging session of driving competence and how to enhance the game.
Level 3 
Focus is on individual position-specific training, tactical insight, systems of play, as well as speed and agility.  Will take players through a mastery of soccer fundamentals, position responsibilities, tactical approaches and attacking and defending. 

Call today to register...315-701-1111