What makes us tick? Kids! Plain and simple: we are a family business.  When we started Lil' Kickers in 1999 we wanted to build a kids' program that was fundamentally sound and outrageously fun.  What we started in our three Arena Sports indoor facilities in Seattle, Washington, has now grown into a national franchise with more than 100 locations in 28 states and an enrollment of 237,000 kids and growing!  

How did we do it? By starting with the experts. Using world renowned child development theories, child development professionals, experienced coaches and the expertise that comes along with thousands of hours of working with children. We created a curriculum that introduces kids to soccer and so much more. Our program helps develop a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive skills while providing physical exercise and developing players who are good sports and good teammates — on and off the soccer field.
What do we believe?
  • We believe childhood is a magical time full of possibilities.
  • We believe in approaching everything from a developmental perspective.
  • We believe learning should be fun.
  • We believe in creating space for all children whether they are on the road to all-star soccer or simply just want to play.
Here at the Sport Center 481 we are proud to offer the Lil' Kickers program to families of the surrounding Syracuse areas.


    The Next Step Up!  
Advanced Soccer Training
(Age groups are 5/6, 7/8 and 9-12 years old)

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